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What We Build

August 17th is National Non-Profit Day. This day celebrates the contributions of non-profit organizations to our community.  On this day, SGV Habitat would like to celebrate what we build in our community.

We Build Homes.

Builders’ Club Member Sam

Thanks to the generous partnerships with our corporate donors, our Builders’ Club monthly donors, individual donations, as well as the hundreds of volunteers who donate their time; affordable housing is becoming a reality for families in our community.  Our current campaign “Expanding the American Dream” is a three-year $28 million campaign that will help 100 families here and abroad, build and repair their own place to call home.  In the month of August, Grifols is matching dollar for dollar every donation, which will tremendously impact our goals to serve 100 families.





We Build Safety.

Salihah Says “Thank You!”

Habitat is known for building homes, but we also repair homes in critical need.  When Zuheerah’s daughter Salihah had a stroke, it changed her life forever. She became wheelchair bound, no longer able to access areas of her house.  Stairs and doorways made it impossible to have independence in her own home. Thanks to donors, and volunteers, the Critical Home Repair team widened the doorways and built a ramp outside, designed a wheelchair friendly sink and mirror in the bathroom, as well as modifying their bathtub for easier access. Your generosity helped Salihah feel safer in her own home and regain her independence.


We Build Futures.

Xochitl and her children


Xochitl’s husband always took care of the repairs to their home in Pasadena. But when he got sick several years ago, he was no longer able to maintain their home, and signs of serious repairs were evident. When he died last year, it left the family devastated with little hope.  Thanks to the support of Lowe’s, our Critical Home Repair team, and our dedicated volunteers, those repairs on Xochitl’s home are being addressed. The biggest repairs needed were in her kitchen. When completed, the kitchen will allow Xochitl to support her family with her baking business. The hole in her heart left by the passing of her husband will always remain. However, she now has hope that she can provide a better future for her children.


We Build Stability.

SGV Habitat Homeowners Tamer and Mariese grateful for new beginnings

A family once uprooted from their home country, Tamer and Mariese are now living their American Dream of homeownership thanks to generous donors.  It is an unimaginable thought, fleeing from a hostile country to seek asylum, leaving loved ones and a familiar life for the unfamiliar.  Tamer, Mariese and their two children found freedom in the US but were living in a residence that was not safe or stable. Thanks to donors, such as our Builders’ Club members who donate monthly to SGV Habitat, Tamer and Mariese are now living in a Habitat home, in a safe environment where they can live their best lives. “It is a feeling of peace, a dream come true.” Tamer, homeowner expressed.  Now they are truly living the American Dream.


We Build Community.

Through partnerships with faith-based organizations, corporate build days, homebuyer sweat equity hours, and our volunteer program, we build a foundation of community, friendships, and connections.  Community is more about the people building a brighter future for families, than it is about the actual homes we build.  Companies whose employees participate in corporate build days, have expressed a closer connection to their colleagues, and more confidence in skills they didn’t know they had.  Volunteers from of all ages, and backgrounds end their day with a sense of pride, and purpose.  Habitat homeowners become an integral fabric of their community finally feeling a sense of belonging.

SGV Habitat builds more than homes. We build up people; from our homeowners to our donors and volunteers, everyone has a new story to share, that enriches their lives and those around them.

Volunteers building hope for the future


This is what we build.

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