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We Need Your Help Before December 31

This time of year, is very special, it is a time to reconnect with friends, family and loved ones. It is also a time to reflect and express gratitude for the countless blessings in our lives and reflect on the positive occurrences of the past year. 

As 2023 ends, families in our community are in urgent need of your help. As the cost of rent rises and safe, affordable housing becomes more and more scarce in Los Angeles County and the San Gabriel Valley, more families than ever are in desperate need of a decent and affordable place to live. In a recent report, only 17% of households in LA County can afford to buy a median-priced home (according to The California Association of Realtors). 

Thanks to your generous support, we completed Expanding the American Dream (a 3-year campaign) when we handed over the keys, for their new Altadena home, to Brenda and Gerardo (picture above with their children). Through this campaign one hundred households this holiday season will celebrate in the safety and warmth of their own homes, and we couldn’t have done it without you. 

Over the past decade, Brenda and Gerardo struggled to become homeowners. Given the housing costs in the San Gabriel Valley, their monthly savings fell significantly short of accumulating a sufficient down payment for a home. However, they never gave up on this dream that they knew would provide a better future for their family.

Our work is not done. To help address the great need for affordable places to live, over the next three years, SGV Habitat is embarking on a new goal: Framing the Future. Together, with your help, we aim to serve 200 more families so they too can experience the safety, security, and stability of owning their own home. This is not possible without your support. 

Your tax-deductible gift will give a local family a hand up – not a handout – as they work alongside our volunteers, to build and buy their own Habitat home! 

In these urgent times, I hope we can count on you for a special year-end gift so that we can purchase building materials and prepare to build and repair more homes and empower more families in 2024. 


Bryan Wong
CEO, San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity 

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You Donation Today Will Build a Strong Foundation for More Families