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Build Stronger Families, Stronger Communities, and a Stronger Brand

We believe in developing mutually beneficial partnerships with companies interested in supporting affordable homeownership opportunities.

Whether you want to make philanthropy a part of your corporate culture, engage your team, or bring attention to your brand, we’ll work with you to provide an experience that achieves your goals and allows you to create a lasting impact in your organization and your community 

There are many ways to partner with us, but they all have the same result: your organization can rally around a cause that impacts families, and, by working together, we build homes, communities, and hope that will last for generations. 

The Possibilities Are Endless.

Here’s How Your Organization Can Help Change Lives…

Brand Partnerships

As a leading nonprofit brand with a global presence in 70 countries, we can help your organization build awareness and trust by using our platforms and connections to other like-minded companies and people. 

Event Sponsorships

Fundraising events, home dedications, and groundbreakings are a great way for corporate partners to sponsor and participate in exciting milestones while creating brand awareness. 

Team Building

Team building with us makes a great addition to any corporate partnership. Your company can invest in your employees while making a real difference in our community. Corporate team building with Habitat will challenge team members to communicate and work together to achieve a tangible outcome. Employees return to the workplace motivated, connected, and inspired. 


Investing in affordable homes enriches families and communities! Your organization can sponsor a specific project and receive marketing benefits in return, like site specific signage and recognition at the beginning and end of each project. 

In-Kind Product Donations

Organizations like Whirlpool donate their products to go into the construction of new homes. If your company has items that go into building homes, from appliances to toilets, to building materials, every bit counts. 

ReStore Donations

Donated products are essential for the continued operation of our ReStores. If your company has construction materials, home improvement items, furniture, or appliances you’d be willing to donate, those items are resold in our ReStores to find our mission. 

Need More Reasons to Partner With Us?

Here’s Four More.

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