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Change Lives
All Year Long

The Builders’ Club is a passionate and determined group of monthly givers on a mission to end the housing crisis in the San Gabriel Valley region.

As a member, you make a difference all year round. With every monthly donation you alter the trajectory of families’ lives. Improved health, double the chances of attending college, and financial freedom are just a few benefits that your membership brings to families living in the homes your contributions will help build.

Join The Club

Benefits of Joining

Making Dreams Come True

Greater Impact

These aren’t passive monthly donations! They’ve already made it possible for hundreds of families to build better homes and better lives for themselves.

There is a saying that, “home is where the heart is”, but we prefer, “home is where the start is!” Home affects every aspect of someone’s life. Your membership makes it possible for families to build and repair their very own home, giving them a solid foundation from where to start. The impact is immediate and changes lives for generations to come.

Increase Your Impact

More Goodness
in the World

The world we live in can be scary:  wildfires, global pandemics, divisive partisanship, bad news—but there is something you can do. Your membership creates more goodness in the San Gabriel Valley region and beyond! Your contribution builds quality homes, strengthens communities, and builds hope locally and globally.

Spread the Goodness

Making Dreams
Come True

There are several milestones in life that forever change people and their future—high school or college graduation, getting married, the birth of a child, and purchasing a first home. As a Builders’ Club member, you are part of making these milestones possible. Your membership builds homes in which families thrive and dreams come true.

Make Dreams Come True

You Belong Here

The Builders' Club is an incredible community of people from all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. They are generous, passionate, and determined people—like you—from the San Gabriel Valley region and across the country. They’re world changers and history makers. And, you’re going to fit right in.


“It is rewarding to know that I am helping a hard-working family to be able to afford their own home. I am proud to be a member of the Habitat Builders’ Club”


“I feel very fortunate to be a member of Habitat’s Builders’ Club, because I know my monthly donations are going to help support the Habitat mission and strengthen our community all year long.”


“The Builders’ Club gives us the opportunity to support SGV Habitat every month with dependable funding for affordable family housing”

Ready to Join?

One Time Donation? Click Here

Have Questions About Builders' Club?

We’re here to help! Contact Naira Abrahamyan by calling (626) 531-1370 or by emailing

Financial Transparency

Year after year, San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity has earned a near perfect score (that’s right… 98.23 percent!) from Charity Navigator, the largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities, for accountability, transparency, and efficient use of contributions. This places us in the top 1% of thousands of charities. We take pride in financial transparency and ensuring that your donations have the greatest impact!

To protect your credit card information, Blackbaud encrypts personal and credit card information during all transactions.

You Donation Today Will Build a Strong Foundation for More Families