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Homeownership Application Period April 1 - 30

Our homeownership application process is now open! Please submit your pre-application by clicking the button below. All pre-applications must be received by April 30 at 5 pm. Each application must use a unique email and phone number. Please do not share your email or phone number with other applicants.

NOTE: We are experiencing a high volume of applications. If you receive an error when clicking the button, please try again later. 

Apply Now

Why Purchase a Home with Habitat?

The high cost of housing in the San Gabriel Valley means that homeownership is out of reach for many families. With the support of community partners, donors, and volunteers, SGV Habitat constructs new homes and renovates existing homes alongside Habitat Partner Homebuyers. We work to create affordable homeownership opportunities so everyone can achieve strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.

San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity sells affordable homes to low-income, first-time homeowners to help them achieve the American dream of homeownership. Approved homeowners, at time of purchase, qualify for a monthly housing payment (mortgage, property tax, insurance, HOA fee—if applicable) equal to 30% of their gross monthly income.

Am I eligible?

  1. You must demonstrate a need for housing. This means that your current living conditions are substandard, crowded, or overly expensive.
  2. You must demonstrate ability to pay for your new home by having good credit (no recent bankruptcies, collections, liens, or judgments) and meeting annual income requirements.
  3. You must be willing to partner with us by completing homebuyer education and investing sweat equity hours building your future Habitat home and the homes of other Habitat Homebuyers.
  4. You must meet the definition of a first-time homebuyer.

Where Could My Home Be located?

We are unable to guarantee a specific location for your future home. If you are accepted into our homeownership program, you must be willing to purchase an available home within our service area. To learn more about our geographic service area, please consult the map and the comprehensive list of cities in our service area page.

What are the Income Requirements?

The applicant (combined with anyone else who is going on title of your home like a co-applicant, or spouse) must earn at least $56,000 annually. Your entire household must earn less than the maximum income listed for your household size. These limits are based on the 2020 Los Angeles County gross (before taxes) annual income figures and are subject to change.

Homeownership Program Process

  1. 1 Submit a Pre-Application
  2. 2 Submit a Full Application
  3. 3 Application Screening
  4. 4 Additional Screening
  5. 5 Partnership Agreement
  6. 6 Move In!

Step 01

Submit a Pre-Application

When you submit a pre-application, we will confirm your household meets our basic program guidelines. The main areas we will review are income, credit, and confirming you are a first-time homebuyer. Submitting a pre-application does not guarantee qualification for our program or an invitation to submit a full application.

Start your pre-application.

If you have questions about the pre-application – please contact us or attend one of our information sessions.

Step 02

Submit a Full Application

Qualified applicants who submitted a pre-application in our open application period will receive an invitation to submit a full application based on a random processing order.

Step 03

Application Screening

Initial income and credit qualification will be completed by staff to determine eligibility.

Step 04

Additional Screening

Completed applications that meet initial income requirements will more forward to credit, criminal background, employment, and tenancy verifications. We will also have a meeting (currently occurring virtually) with the applicant and co-applicant if applicable.

Step 05

Partnership Agreement

Applicants approved for the program based on their ability to pay, need for housing, and willingness to partner, will sign a Partnership Agreement and begin completion of pre-purchase requirements.

Step 06

Move In!

After completing homebuyer education, sweat equity, and down payment savings requirements, you will have the opportunity to receive an affordable mortgage, complete the escrow closing process, and move into a Habitat home!

Ready to Apply?

Our homeownership application process is from April 1 – 30, 2021. Click the button below to start your pre-application. All pre-applications must be received by April 30 at 5 pm.

NOTE: We are experiencing a high volume of applications. If you receive an error when clicking the button, please try again later. 

Begin Pre-Application

Upcoming Information Sessions

Please join an upcoming session for more information about our homeownership program and application process. These are free, hour-long sessions, that cover program guidelines, expectations, timelines, and allow you to ask questions. Just click the desired meeting to register!

View Homeownership Information Session Slides (English)
View Homeownership Information Session Slides (Spanish)

April 21st Wednesday 7pm (English)

April 22nd Thursday 7pm (Mandarin)

Have More Questions?

We’re here to help! Contact our Homeowner Services team or call (818) 937-2010