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building the American Dream thanks to your support for over thirty years.

Olive Street - Baldwin Park

Completed in January 2021, this once vacant 2 bedroom/1 bathroom home in Baldwin Park was purchased as part of the acquisition-rehab program. Fun Fact: This home is next door to the Baldwin Park Blvd. rehab project.

Housing Model Type: Acquisition Rehab – Single-Family

Baldwin Park Blvd. - Baldwin Park

This house in Baldwin Park is the first Habitat home in Baldwin Park. This once vacant property is now a new beginning for a Habitat family.

Housing Model Type: Acquisition Rehab – Single-Family

Collegian - Monterey Park

Completed in April 2020, this property is the first in the city of Monterey Park. Purchased as a vacant house, this home now has enough space for a family to thrive in.

Housing Model Type: Acquisition Rehab – Single-Family


Manzanita Homes - Pasadena

Completed in late 2019, the Manzanita Homes in Pasadena marked the end of three decades of changing lives through homeownership. As the third development in Pasadena, this two-unit development was built in record time thanks to the many donors and volunteers involved. The families in these homes spent the 2019 holiday season celebrating in the home that will allow them to thrive for generations to come!

One of the families living in these homes can now provide their child with special needs a comfortable and accessible place to call home.

Housing Model Type: New Construction – Single-Family

Lomita Homes - Glendale

These six condominium homes were added to the SGV Habitat family August 2019. They are the ninth development in Glendale and a departure in style from any of our previous projects. The bright “tennis ball” yellow can be seen from yards away. One of the families in these homes struggled greatly with gang violence when they lived in less than favorable neighborhoods, but now, they have a place where playing outside is an option. What’s brighter than the paint on the exterior walls of these homes are the futures of the families living within them.

Housing Model Type: New Construction – Multi-Family

Desiderio Homes - Pasadena

The 9 Desiderio homes were completed in 2018. The “Uncle Charlie” statue in the middle of the common garden area was created by artist and actor Daniel Stern (Home Alone, 1990) to memorialize Charlie – a veteran whose family donated his home to us. It was eventually sold to pay for the three veteran homes on the property.

Housing Model Type: New Construction – Single-Family

Chestnut Homes - Glendale

The tallest of our developments to date, and the eighth Habitat development in Glendale – these three detached homes, completed in 2014, provide affordable housing for three Glendale families. Much like these homes – the goals and aspirations of these families can now stand tall thanks to donors and volunteers.

Director of Housing at the City of Glendale, Peter Zovak, says the city understands the importance of creating a healthy and inclusive community. “Our city is fortunate to have developers and funding to help build affordable housing in Glendale. San Gabriel Valley Habitat has been one of the premier developers that help accomplish this mission.”

Housing Model Type: New Construction – Single-Family

Geneva Homes - Glendale

The five homes in this development (the seventh in Glendale) completed in 2012, are surrounded by community gardens provided through a partnership with the City of Glendale. Just as these gardens have flourished over the years – so have the families living in the homes.

Housing Model Type: New Construction – Multi-Family

Kenwood Homes - Glendale

With 11 condominiums completed in 2010, the Kenwood homes are the sixth Glendale development and a testament to our commitment to provide multi-unit affordable housing – a necessity to end the housing crisis in California where space is limited in urban areas. Two of the units were modified for handicap accessibility.

Housing Model Type: New Construction – Multi-Family

Sherman Homes - Monrovia

These four Monrovia homes haven’t changed much since being completed in 2007 as the first development in the community – but what has changed are the futures of the families within them. A family that lives in one of these homes no longer has to wake their children up at an unreasonable hour for a long commute to school and friends can finally come over to play without special arrangements made.

Housing Model Type: New Construction – Single-Family

Palmer Homes - Glendale

Completed in 2007 – these three condominiums house three families that have since been able to achieve impressive personal growth thanks to the efforts of volunteers, donors and elected officials – no different from the other projects you see on this page!

This fifth development in Glendale was made possible through a continuing partnership with the Glendale Housing Authority and the Department of Housing and Community Development. Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. was a major supporter for this development donating $100,000, and Citibank provided a $25,000 sponsorship.

Housing Model Type: New Construction – Single-Family

Pacific Homes - Glendale

Completed in 2005 as the fourth development in Glendale – four additional families became part of our history. This row of beautiful homes hasn’t changed much over the years, but the lives of the families within them most certainly have. After the move, one new homeowner gratefully exclaimed, “Now all of our family can sit down together at the dinner table at one time!

Housing Model Type: New Construction – Single-Family

Gardena Homes - Glendale

A family of seven that now lives in one of these homes was previously confined to a one-bedroom home wondering if they would ever be able to afford a home of adequate size. Thanks to their partnership with Habitat for Humanity, they finally have space they so desperately needed. The paint color on these homes has stayed the same since 2003 at the third development in partnership with the City of Glendale. Much of the pottery in front has also remained unchanged. What has changed though is the impact these homes have had on the families that moved in years ago.

Housing Model Type: New Construction – Single-Family

Orange Homes - Glendale

There are three things about these homes that have changed since being completed in 2002 – the exterior paint, the landscaping and the lives of the families living within the walls of these homes built by loving and dedicated donors and volunteers. This second development in Glendale houses families who previously lived in one-bedroom homes under extremely crowded conditions. One of these families also lived in unsafe conditions due to their landlord’s unwillingness to fix plumbing and electrical problems. These families now have much to be grateful for.

Housing Model Type: New Construction – Single-Family

Burkett Homes - El Monte

The Burkett homes in El Monte – built in 2001 – have changed significantly over the years and just as the landscaping has flourished, so have the lives of the three families who moved in years ago. One of the families consisting of four people lived in a tiny converted one-bedroom garage which had mildew. They now live in a home where health concerns are no longer an issue.

Housing Model Type: New Construction – Single-Family

Euclid Homes - Duarte

The largest build to date, the Euclid homes were completed in 1998 in the City of Duarte. One of the families in these homes was forced to spread out and live in different locations because the entire family could not fit in the trailer where they previously lived. If it were not for Habitat, this family would still be scattered and unable to afford a home to reunite their family. A total of 16 families moved into their new homes and since then – their lives have never been better.

Housing Model Type: New Construction – Multi-Family

Allen Homes - Glendale

Completed in 1995 as the second development in our history – the Allen homes are a four-unit condominium complex in Glendale. One of the families in these homes with three children, one of whom was handicapped, had previously lived in a very small home with insufficient space for the special equipment their handicapped child needed. Habitat made their home handicapped accessible to better accommodate their special child’s needs. If you were to look at the first pictures of the property and compare them to today, you would significantly less foliage. What you don’t see though is the happiness of the families inside of these homes.

Housing Model Type: New Construction – Single-Family

Maple Homes - Pasadena

The homes that started it all! The Maple homes were built in 1991 thanks to the trailblazing volunteers, donors, and elected officials involved – these homes represent the lasting generational impact every home we build has on the families served. The first development in the City of Pasadena, this home provided a family with four children who were living in a one-bedroom home that had been damaged in the Northridge earthquake – the opportunity of a fresh start.

Housing Model Type: New Construction – Single-Family