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We Need Your Help Before December 31

This time of year, is very special, it is a time to reconnect with friends, family and loved ones. It is also a time to reflect and express gratitude for the countless blessings in our lives and reflect on the positive occurrences of the past year. 

As 2023 ends, families in our community are in urgent need of your help. As the cost of rent rises and safe, affordable housing becomes more and more scarce in Los Angeles County and the San Gabriel Valley, more families than ever are in desperate need of a decent and affordable place to live. In a recent report, only 17% of households in LA County can afford to buy a median-priced home (according to The California Association of Realtors). 

Thanks to your generous support, we completed Expanding the American Dream (a 3-year campaign) when we handed over the keys, for their new Altadena home, to Brenda and Gerardo (picture above with their children). Through this campaign one hundred households this holiday season will celebrate in the safety and warmth of their own homes, and we couldn’t have done it without you. 

Over the past decade, Brenda and Gerardo struggled to become homeowners. Given the housing costs in the San Gabriel Valley, their monthly savings fell significantly short of accumulating a sufficient down payment for a home. However, they never gave up on this dream that they knew would provide a better future for their family.

Our work is not done. To help address the great need for affordable places to live, over the next three years, SGV Habitat is embarking on a new goal: Framing the Future. Together, with your help, we aim to serve 200 more families so they too can experience the safety, security, and stability of owning their own home. This is not possible without your support. 

Your tax-deductible gift will give a local family a hand up – not a handout – as they work alongside our volunteers, to build and buy their own Habitat home! 

In these urgent times, I hope we can count on you for a special year-end gift so that we can purchase building materials and prepare to build and repair more homes and empower more families in 2024. 


Bryan Wong
CEO, San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity 

Teen Volunteer Is Surrounded by Goodness on Construction Site

The symphony of hammering at the Olive Ave. house echoes from room to room. The melody is hope, the harmony is stability, and it is performed by the many volunteers who are writing the song of a brighter future for homeowners Brenda, Gerardo and their three children.

Among the volunteers is Juliette, a vibrant 17-year-old high school senior who knows a thing or two about creating music and the arts. She is currently a student at a distinguished arts school in Duarte. Her ambition is to attend college focusing on a BFA in musical theatre.

Juliette has been looking forward to volunteering on a construction site since she began volunteering at the ReStores at age 15. (Minimum age to volunteer on the construction site is 16).  SGV Habitat is Juliette’s first experience volunteering with an international non-profit organization. As a member of the National Honors Society, she is encouraged to complete community service hours.  Upon researching various non-profits, Juliette found the idea of building homes a fun and unique way to spend her time.  After  a year volunteering at the ReStores, she was excited for the first day she stepped on the construction site.

“I was nervously excited on my first day,” Juliette recalls. “Everyone at the site was encouraging, and I never felt I was doing something way too hard or too easy; the crew keeps us engaged,” she explained.

Even at age 17, Juliette recognizes the struggles families have seeking affordable housing.  As a child of a single mom they have moved many times throughout the San Gabriel Valley, as her mother strived for better opportunities.  Although, her mom is an educated professional, finding an affordable home for their family was a struggle. Juliette sees how the cost of owning a home in the San Gabriel Valley is out of reach for many families. This is one of the reasons she decided to volunteer for SGV Habitat.

She hopes to one day own a home of her own and recounts the skills she has attained while working with the construction crew: training on how to use power tools, components of a house, drywalling, hammering, installation, problem solving, reading a blueprint and more.

“Teens like me, are going to one day own a home, and working with Habitat is the best kind of training,” Juliette explained. “You are going to want to know how to fix things in your home, so you don’t have to pay someone to do it for you,” she continued.

Juliette was surprised to learn that there is a right way to hammer and a wrong way, and learning how to hammer in the proper manner makes the task at hand easier. Hammering proved to have another valuable use for Juliette.  It is therapeutic.

“When you have a hard day at school, if you are frustrated with a grade you received on a test, or you don’t like your homework assignment—just hammer it away! Your English teacher didn’t like your essay –Hammer it! Hammering is a terrific therapeutic release!” Juliette said with a smile.

The most valuable insight Juliette gained from volunteering was the way it made her feel.

“Working with John, the Construction Site Supervisor, I felt that he trusted me with the given task. I felt included, and empowered by the skills I learned,” Juliette said reflecting on her days volunteering.

“When a bunch of people come together to do something for others, it gives off a great energy.” Juliette shared. “There is so much negative noise all around us. But when you step on that construction site, everything outside evaporates, and I am just surrounded by goodness. You are reminded that humanity is good.”

For more information about youth volunteering please contact Tywanna Hill, volunteer coordination at

Chance Meeting Changes The Life for a Family of Five

Brenda building along with volunteers at her future home.

Brenda, who is the Olive Ave. future homeowner, had a serendipitous introduction to San Gabriel Valley for Humanity (SGV Habitat).  After advertising items on the app “offer up” she met the purchaser at her home, and a friendly conversation ensued between the two women about their families. Brenda expressed that her one bedroom, one bath back house was extremely small for their family of 5 but after years of searching for a home, their efforts were thwarted due to the outrageous cost of housing. The woman shared that she was able to purchase her home through the SGV Habitat homeownership program.

Brenda immediately researched SGV Habitat and learned that the homeownership application deadline was quickly approaching. In February 2020 Brenda and her husband Gerardo successfully submitted their application. In March 2020 Covid-19 shut down all SGV Habitat construction. The dream of homeownership for Brenda and Gerardo was once again put on hold. But they didn’t give up.

Brenda, Gerardo and their three children, Samuel (12), Alessandra (9), and Esmeralda (7), have resided in a back house in Los Angeles for 10 years. The limited living and sleeping space paled in comparison to the fear of their rent increasing year after year or that the home would be sold.

“The day that Laura (Director of Programs at SGV Habitat) called to tell us that our application was accepted I cried with joy, and I haven’t stopped crying since,” Brenda said, tears in her eyes remembering the day. “We kept praying and praying. It was such an overwhelming and amazing feeling,” Brenda continued her voice breaking with emotion.

Gerardo and Brenda at Women Build, the event that kicked-off the Olive Ave. home.

After being accepted into the SGV Habitat homeownership program, Brenda and Gerardo, for the first time felt that the dream of owning their own home would become a reality.  After years of searching for an affordable home, only to be left with a feeling of despair, they finally felt hopeful. Homeownership means that Brenda and Gerardo will finally have the security and stability they have desired for so many years.

“When we found out that we qualified for the Olive Ave. home, we read the email to the kids and immediately jumped into the car to go and look at the lot,” Brenda said.

Esmeraldo, Alessandra, Samuel

Esmeraldo, the youngest of the children, didn’t quite understand the situation as her first statement upon seeing the dirt lot was, “I don’t want to live on an empty lot.”  Brenda and Gerardo explained that their new house would be built on the lot and the children began visualizing a new life, with a yard, a 2-car garage and with exceedingly more space than their current residence.

Alessandra expressed her excitement to garden in a yard of her own and have space for their puppy to play outside.  Sammy will finally have his own room. He surveyed the neighborhood driving to the home and is excited about the walkability of the neighborhood.

“It was unsafe to walk around our old neighborhood; here I can walk to get a sandwich at Subway down the street,” he said with a big smile on his face glancing at his mother for approval.

“I’m looking forward to having my own room and space,” Brenda shared, “But what I look forward to the most is being able to cook dinner together with my family in a kitchen that is not cramped, and in an oven that is standard sized.” she continued. “Right now, our kitchen and dining area is so small we do not eat together as a family. The kids eat in the living room and Gerardo and I eat in the kitchen. I have dreamed of having my family sitting around the table enjoying a meal for years.”

With Brenda and Gerardo’s oldest child being 12 years old, the children only remember a life living in a cramped space.  “My youngest asked me, what will happen to our memories?” Gerardo shared. “I told her, we will transfer our memories into our new home, make more memories, and all of them will stay with us in our new home forever.”

To see the progress of the Olive Ave. home, follow us on our social platforms

Brenda and Gerardo building at Olive Ave.



Volunteers Build Better Futures

The cornerstone of Habitat for Humanity’s ability to build affordable housing is the community of dedicated volunteers who come together for the purpose of helping elevate the lives of hard-working families.  April is National Volunteer Month, a dedicated time we celebrate the volunteers who spend countless hours helping families in their community realize the American dream of homeownership.  This act of generosity was on full display recently at Women Build 2023.  The rain and cold weather did not deter the volunteers whose smiles, and enthusiasm brightened the cloudy day.

Women Build launched the beginning of a new future for Geraldo, Brenda and their 3 children, a hard-working family who will be the future homeowners of the house constructed during this years Women Build. Brenda and Geraldo worked side-by side the other volunteers building their future home.  With every Habitat home, future homeowners contribute volunteer hours called “sweat equity.”  A total of 250 hours per adult in the household are required as part of SGV Habitat’s homeownership program.

East West Bank Volunteers

Due to the rain, Women Build was held inside SGV Habitat’s new ReStore in Pasadena (which will open May 20, 2023). The space provided a welcoming environment to build, bond in fellowship, and celebrate the empowerment of women and the spirt of volunteerism. Volunteers framed all the walls that will go up in Altadena and began renovations on the ReStore building.

SGV Habitat Women Build was supported by sponsors, East West Bank, C.W. Driver Companies, Traveler’s Insurance, Stanley Black & Decker, PFARIA, Pasadena Tournament of Roses, and Honeybee Robotics. During the event our in-kind sponsors sustained the hard-working volunteers with generous donations provided by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Altadena Grocery Outlet, Holistic Bodywork by Ibrahim, Sparkletts, Perry’s Joint, and Hart House

The event showcased incredible volunteers, many of whom worked on the recently completed Howard Navarro homes, in Pasadena.  Several regular volunteers and past homeowners were honored as they took on the role of construction leads, guiding groups of volunteers as they built the frames for the walls that will provide the beginning stages of the Olive home. Elizabeth and Ofelia are two of those construction leaders and SGV Habitat homeowners who proudly volunteer to help uplift future SGV Habitat homeowners.

“Without you, (the volunteers and donors), without your generosity and giving back, it would not be possible for me and my family to be here today as homeowners” says Elizabeth, the newest SGV Habitat homeowner, as she shared her journey.

One of the many volunteers, was actress, model, and philanthropist Keni Silva  who joined in on the Women Build efforts working alongside volunteers as she drilled, hammered, and painted, providing words of praise for the efforts and achievements of the volunteers.

Keni Silva lending a helping hand

Ofelia, a SGV Habitat homeowner, spoke of her mother’s resilience taking care of 8 children as a single mother and how growing up, the family would be forced to move every 2 years due to rent increases.

SGV Habitat homeowner Ofelia shares her Habitat journey

“I went to 8 different schools growing up, and moved 12 times,” Ofelia shared.  “I wanted to do better for my kids. I never quit, and I never gave up,” she continued. “Because of Habitat, my kids were able to stay in the same school, develop and keep friendships, and have a stable environment.”

Ofelia’s son joined her as a volunteer at Women Build. He is paying it forward remembering all the volunteers who helped build his home.  Subsequently, he joined a union working in the field of construction. His goal is to one day work for Habitat for Humanity.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, serving LA’s 5th district, spoke to volunteers on Saturday, lending her ear and support for more affordable homeownership in LA County and praising the volunteers for their hard work.

Kathryn Barger with 2023 Pasadena Rose Court Volunteers

“Tackling complex issues — like offering affordable homeownership in Los Angeles County — takes a village, no one person can do it alone. That sense of community and partnership was on full display today,” says Barger.

This event marks the first home build in Altadena and one of the many projects that is slated to start construction this year.  When these projects are complete, they are projected to serve 39 hard working families helping them realize the dream of homeownership. To complete these developments, SGV Habitat will need approximately 40 volunteers per day for several of the projects. “We rely on our volunteers to help us build,” says Brian Stanley, SGV Habitat Director of Construction Development. “Their time and energy are a tremendous value to our organization and the result of their efforts is life changing for families in our community.”

Future homeowner Brenda felt overwhelmed with gratitude with the participation of volunteers who enthusiastically came to build her future home. “Becoming a homeowner means security and stability for our family’s future,” says Brenda. “Our family of 5 currently lives in a one bedroom, one bath apartment,” she explained. “Our kitchen is too small for a table to hold our entire family so the kids eat in the living room and Geraldo and I eat in the kitchen. I look forward to the day, where we can all eat together around the dining room table,” she said with a hopeful smile.

Future homeowners Brenda and Geraldo

Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are available for the Olive Ave. home and for upcoming projects. Volunteers are encouraged to visit to learn more and to sign up to receive emails regarding available volunteer days.  For additional questions about volunteering, please contact Tywanna Hill at

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Shannon Castro at


Building Stronger Communities Through the Power of Women

Three events in March recognize the great achievements of women: Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day (March 8th) and the San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity Women Build,  These events collectively recognize women who are trailblazers, heroes, and advocates, internationally and in our own communities. 

SGV Habitat’s Women Build brings a community of volunteers and corporate sponsors together to help build better futures for low-income families in the San Gabriel Valley.

Women from all walks of life will trade in their “mom hat” “business hat”, or “student hat” for a hard hat.  As we remember the women pioneers whose strength and courage contributed to our great nation, we celebrate women in our own community who at Women Build, lift a hammer and their voice to support affordable homeownership opportunities and the need for additional funding for homeownership programs

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we want to recognize one of the most famous volunteers for Habitat for Humanity.  Rosalynn Carter, wife of former President Jimmy Carter, has volunteered alongside her husband since 1984.  After the duo volunteered on a Habitat home, they realized their personal values aligned with those of Habitat for Humanity.  Soon after their first volunteer experience with Habitat they started The Carter Work Project.  This weeklong building blitz which takes place annually, alternating between the United States and internationally, has contributed to securing the stability of homeownership for over 4,300 families. Rosalynn Carter has dedicated her life to serving others in areas such as fighting for decent housing, improving services for mental health, and advocating for women’s rights.

Although women have come a long way since the women’s right movement, there are still barriers in housing equality. Even though women have closed the gap in education, women are paid 83 cents for every dollar a man earns, (according to the U.S. Census Bureau.) This translates to men having more buying power than women. Women could afford 18% more of the housing market if they made as much money as men, (according to Zillow.)

Income disparage means women have more difficulty saving for a down payment than men. Often they sacrifice size of a home and live in less desirable neighborhoods. In addition to lower wages, women often have higher cost burdens than men that affect their debt-to-income ratio.  For example, “mom-wage gap” is experienced by single mothers who often bear the financial responsibility of childcare expenses, and the lack of paid time-off for maternity leave.

SGV Habitat homeowner April and her daughters

These factors can lead to women being denied better lending rates. According to The National Association of Realtors, women make more financial sacrifices than men in order to purchase a home. Forty-two percent of women make financial sacrifices compared to 32% of men. Women are also willing to make more sacrifices than men, including cutting spending in areas of entertainment, clothes, and vacations. This highlights the importance that women place on owning a home.  Women recognize that owning a home provides long-term financial stability and upward mobility. Studies show that the benefits of owning a home go far beyond improved financial health but also add to increased self-confidence, mental health, physical, and emotional health.

Homeowners take a vested interest in their community creating stronger social ties and community activism. Homeownership raises education outcome in children leading to higher graduation rates.

Women Build and International Women’s Day, calls attention to the need to close the gap, creating a more secure and fair path to homeownership for women.  When you advocate for Women Build you are helping women here and internationally, find a better means towards stability through shelter. To build a stronger housing future for women, please consider joining our sponsors in support of a San Gabriel Valley and a world where everyone has a decent place to live. For more information visit our website at

Thank you to our sponsors:

The Phenomenon of Helper’s High

Life is a series of ups and downs. The ebb and flow are a continuous motion that affects our mental and physical state. Anxiety and stress play a huge role in our mental and physical well-being.  Unchecked it can lead to serious ailments including high blood pressure, heart disease, daily aches and pains, lack of sleep, stomach issues and more.

This isn’t such good news, until you hear that there is a way to combat anxiety and stress that has a double impact–it helps you and your community.

“Helper’s High” is a phenomenon researchers have coined to explain the positive emotions following service to others by donating money or volunteering.  Research from the National Institute of Health found that when individuals donate money, for example, the brain’s mesolimbic system (the reward part of the brain) responds and it releases “feel good” neurotransmitters such as oxytocin (a hormone linked to reducing stress and anxiety; a feel good hormone) and vasopressin (known to regulate blood pressure).

More than a third of Americans experience symptoms of anxiety or depression.  In this mental state it may seem counterintuitive to sign up and volunteer. However, people who make that effort to volunteer, experience a boost in their mental health. Studies show that even after volunteering, the thoughts related to the activity of volunteering have residual positive effects.

The news gets even better. WEBMD sited researchers who analyzed data from 40 published papers and found evidence that volunteers had a 20 percent lower risk of death than non-volunteers as well as lower levels of depression and increased life satisfaction.  In other words, volunteering with SGV Habitat can lead to a happier life.

The simple act of volunteering or donating money to a good cause has an impact on your happiness and health.  It can move you, and your community forward in a positive direction.

As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve. You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace.”

At SGV Habitat, you don’t need to know construction. No experience is necessary. You just need to sign-up and let our passionate staff guide you along the way.

Volunteer opportunities on our construction sites, at our ReStore retail locations, at events, and in our Monrovia office are available.

To learn more about volunteering please visit

Questions about volunteering can be directed to Tywanna Hill at 626-709-3265 or contact her at


Female Construction Crew Member Finds Strength in Helping Families

When volunteers work at a San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity (SGV Habitat) construction site, they are greeted with an array of new experiences.  With our “no experience necessary policy” many volunteers have never stepped foot on a construction site, however, after working with Haydee Garcia, SGV Habitat’s construction crew member, volunteers quickly feel at ease under her guidance and encouragement.

Haydee represents a small percentage of women that work in construction. Currently, there are only 6.2% of women that work on construction sites in the United States. Haydee is no stranger to working in male dominated industries. Although she has been building homes with SGV Habitat for over 15 years (first as a volunteer and then as a member of the construction team), she has been breaking the gender barrier for much longer.

“I started my career at a young age in law enforcement. “Back then, it was mostly a male dominated profession.  I moved up in the ranks as a detective working investigations and was one of the very few women in the investigation’s bureau,” Haydee explains.

After she retired from law enforcement, she decided to explore a new passion—interior design.  One of the requirements was to participate in an internship.  “I decided to volunteer with Habitat because I wanted to learn what was behind the walls (of a home) so I would have an understanding of what it takes to make the outside beautiful,” Haydee shares.

Although the internship was supposed to be temporary, Haydee quickly realized she loved construction. “I loved getting my hands dirty, working with the volunteers and working outside in the fresh air,” Haydee shares.  The courses she took in interior design didn’t go to waste.  Haydee is better able to explain the vision of the project and offer insights. Coming from a mostly male dominated profession, she knew she had the tools to inspire other women to do more and achieve their goals, no matter the “traditional” gender roles.

“Because of Haydee’s patience and guidance, I learned how to use a nail gun, how to rip and cut wood and how to use a paint sprayer—things I thought I was not capable of learning,” Natasha, SGV Habitat volunteer said.  “I was excited to volunteer because I was looking for a career change and I wanted to see if I liked doing construction—now I know I do.  Seeing how skilled and confident Haydee is on the construction site, encourages me to pursue a career in construction,” Natasha continued.

Throughout the years Haydee has inspired many women, some who have considered work in construction, and others who after working with Haydee, felt more confident about making repairs in their own home.   “Women should not be intimidated on a construction site. Working on a construction site is not a matter of strength, it is a matter of your mindset,” Haydee shares. “It is how you approach the tasks at hand.”

Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with Haydee at SGV Habitat’s annual event WOMEN BUILD.  This empowering event will kick-off with a celebration on March 10th and 11th when community partners gather to build SGV Habitat’s first home in Altadena. WOMEN BUILD is an opportunity for the community to come together to support a family in building an affordable home, which would not be possible without the dedication of volunteers and sponsors.  It is also a time to raise awareness for the need of more affordable homeownership opportunities for women locally and around the world.

Over the years Haydee has worked with hundreds of volunteers.  She has helped volunteers realize their strength and capabilities. She has worked side by side with future SGV Habitat homeowners creating long term skills, and a foundation of stability where families can thrive.  The bonds she has formed with families have remained strong. She has developed friendships with many of them, communicating regularly.   

“The most gratifying part of my job is seeing the appreciation from the homeowners.  The homeowners who express their gratitude and continue to volunteer on new projects make this job more than just a job, it becomes a passion,” Haydee said with earnest.

In honor of Haydee’s work with SGV Habitat and the community, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will recognize Haydee on February 15th at 1 p.m. at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Monrovia (702 E. Huntington Dr.) 20% off all proceeds will be donated to SGV Habitat from February 15th– February 21st, 2023.


It’s a Wonderful Life as a Builders’ Club Member

The film “It’s a Wonderful Life” is considered to be one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time.  The message of family loyalty, doing good for others, the importance of friendship and community, and that in life, it’s ok to accept help from others, are strong themes woven throughout the storyline.

Bryan Wong, Executive Director, SGV Habitat for Humanity and Builders’ Club member participates in an exclusive Club Build Day

There is another message in the movie that might get overlooked: the preservation of affordable housing. At one point in the movie George Bailey, says to a desperate crowd “Because he (Potter) wants to keep you living in his slums and paying the kind of rent he decides.”

Many families in our homeownership program have shared stories of their poor living conditions previously as renters. Families have expressed landlords that don’t attend to the upkeep of the property, neighborhoods that are unsafe, and rents that are unaffordable with the threat of frequent increases.


As a Builders’ Club member, you are uplifting families that are faced with many challenges while they pursue to dream of homeownership.  In LA County the average home sells for close to $800,000 – will your children be able to afford this?  This is an unattainable price for most residents in the San Gabriel Valley.  When you become a member of the Builders’ Club, you are taking an active role in helping combat the affordable housing crisis by supporting SGV Habitat as we advocate for more affordable homeownership, and you are directly helping families afford safe, and secure housing.

Builders’ Club members serve as leaders and role models for people who want to make an investment in their community and in the lives of hard-working people.  When you become a Builders’ Club member you make an impact on families all year long. You offer a hand-up that goes beyond the house itself—you are creating the foundation for a better life, a brighter future, better health, stronger communities, and long-lasting generational benefits.

Builders’ Club members choose the reoccurring monthly donation that they wish to give. With every monthly donation you are altering the trajectory of family’s lives.  A better life and a brighter future will become a reality for so many families because of your generous donation.

To make your monthly donation go even further, hundreds of companies match employee’s charitable donations.  Check your employee handbook or ask your human resource manager to learn if your company will match your donation.

For more information on how you can join the Club, please click HERE,


A house is more than just shelter.  It is the foundation for family unity, a place for celebrations, a location to find solace, and a site that holds our most precious memories.

On March 10th-11th 2023 San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity will host WOMEN BUILD; an annual event that promotes Habitat for Humanity’s vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

WOMEN BUILD brings a community of volunteers and corporate sponsors together to help build better futures for low-income families in San Gabriel Valley.  This three-day event will take place in Altadena – celebrating SGV Habitat’s first new build in this community.

As a participant of WOMEN BUILD you are raising a hammer and your voice in support of more affordable homeownership opportunities in San Gabriel Valley. 

When you partner with SGV Habitat, your contribution is hands-on by raising the walls of a new home, but also in our leadership team raising the roof at the state legislature advocating for more substantial funding for affordable homeownership.

It is a startling fact that 60% of renters in LA County cannot afford their rent and even more alarming is that the average home price is over $750,000.  One would need to earn approximately $221,000 a year in order to be able to purchase that house.  Currently, the average income in the San Gabriel Valley is $86,000.

With your participation in WOMEN BUILD you are calling attention, raising funds, and inspiring change to help more people thrive.  Affordable homeownership means, safer communities, long term financial stability, lower incidences of emotional and physical health issues, more community engagement, and less behavioral problems in children as well as higher grades and higher graduation rates.

A house is more than four walls, a house is the foundation that builds a life and a future.

Thank you to our sponsors who help make the dream of homeownership a reality.  Your support goes beyond the four walls they help to build.  The lasting impact means stability, independence and better health for families in the San Gabriel Valley.








“There’s something very powerful about participating in Women Build. I don’t know if it’s being surrounded by other strong women or if it’s knowing that we’re doing our part to help build a new home– or maybe it’s both. Taking a day to help build a home for a deserving family sets a powerful tone for the rest of the year, like we as women can do anything.”  –Cynthia Duarte, 2022 Women Build participant









Time Is Almost Up… to empower more families and get a 2022 tax deduction!

It’s the holiday season of gift-giving, family, friends, and celebrations!  It also marks the last few weeks in the year to make a tax-deductible donation to San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity (SGV Habitat).

Donating to SGV Habitat is an excellent tax-saving opportunity available when you itemize on your tax form. Not only does it help families in San Gabriel Valley find a better quality of life through our affordable homeownership and home preservation programs, taxpayers also enjoy tax savings by deducting part or all of their contributions on their tax returns.  It is a winning solution for you and the thousands of people in our community dreaming of owning a home of their own. Your donation will change lives!

There are many avenues to give and receive a tax deduction.




Cash, check, and credit card donations allow for a generous deduction on your income tax statements. This year individuals can donate up to 50% of their adjusted gross income(AGI) for cash contributions (some limitations exist). Any cash contributions under $250 do not require a receipt from the organization. The federal law requires that if the amount is over $250 written communication confirming the donation is required. We are grateful for every donation and send out tax letters to donors after the first of the year!


When you donate your stock to a nonprofit, the donation value is greater because the gift is tax-deductible.  If you were to sell the stock first, you will probably pay the capital gains tax. By donating the stock directly to SGV Habitat you are saving the penalty of capital gains tax and are still eligible to deduct the full fair-market value of the asset you donated from your income tax, (up to the overall amount allowed by the IRS). Please advise a tax accountant as this rule can vary.


A DAF is like a charitable investment account with the direct purpose of supporting organizations you are passionate about. When you contribute either cash, securities, or other assets to a DAF you are eligible to take an immediate tax deduction. You can take the tax deduction in the current year even if the funds are not distributed until later. Those funds can be invested for tax-free growth, and you can recommend grants to any IRS-qualified public charity—like SGV Habitat.  DAFs are one of the easiest and most tax-advantageous ways to give to charities.  You can set up a DAF with several larger investment organizations. (There are fees associated with holding a DAF.)


This holiday, or any time of year, you can gift a donation in someone’s name to honor their birthday, anniversary, accomplishment, birth or milestone. You can also send a memorial gift of a loved one.


When you donate your vehicle, proceeds go right back to helping families in the San Gabriel Valley build or repair their homes.  In addition, your donation will qualify for a tax deduction.  Vehicle donations are not limited to just cars. Habitat for Humanity accepts trucks, RVs, motorcycles, boats and construction equipment. Running or not, every vehicle donation makes an impact and helps families gain independence.  If you have an unusual vehicle you are interested in donating, call 1-877-277-4344 or email at It’s fast and easy through our donation website

The information provided is a brief description of investment opportunities that may allow you to reduce your taxable income while injecting support to the growing crisis of affordable housing in San Gabriel Valley.


Please consult your tax professional to assess if a charitable donation can help you and your community this tax season.


You Donation Today Will Build a Strong Foundation for More Families