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Women Build

Read more about Women Build below.

Women Build Strength, Stability, and Self-Reliance.

What is Women Build?
Since 1991, Women Build has brought women and their allies together to raise funds, recruit their friends and build homes side-by-side with women in need of affordable housing.  

Resiliency During Hard Times
2020 was a tough year for everyone. Despite the devastating global pandemic, women across the country and right here in the San Gabriel Valley still changed lives through Women Build! I2020 alone5,725 Women Build volunteers, helped build and repair 424 homes.

Want more information? Contact Briana Lopez or call (626) 709-3265

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Join the Movement Now!

In honor of Women Build, we invite you to join us  for a month-long (May 2021) celebration of strong, inspiring women everywhere! Although there will not be an in-person event this year, the festivities will continue! 

Here are several ways you can get involved: 

  • Donate in honor of an inspiring woman 
  • Make a big impact every month by joining our Builders’ Club 
  • Volunteer individually or in a group 
  • Follow us on Instagram, FacebookTwitter, and YouTube for the month of May for fun Women Build contentpersonal interviews, stories, and more 
  • Share a story about an inspiring woman in your life by filling out a simple form – it might even end up on our website!

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The Impact of Housing on Women

In LA County, 60% of renters cannot afford where they live, the wage gap that exists between men and women makes it more difficult for women to access affordable housing. The result is an increasing number of women living in substandard, unsafe and unaffordable conditions. The need for affordable housing has increased due to COVID-19’s effect on wage loss and unemployment. 

More than 4 million women reported being behind on their mortgage payment as of early January. Among homeowners with mortgages, Latinas (15%), Black (18.9%), and Asian (16%) were all over two times more likely than white men (7.1%) to be behind on their mortgage payment, according to the National Women’s Law Center and National Low Income Housing Coalition.  

This year has taught us a home is more than just a shelter. It’s a safety net, our prescription for health, and it’s the foundation for the futures we build. At San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity, Women Build has grown to become a signature event attended by hundreds of women from all backgrounds (and their allies– coming together to build homes, communities and hope. To date, this event has helped house families in Glendale, Pasadena, Monterey Park, Baldwin Park, Monrovia and throughout the San Gabriel Valley through volunteering, donations, and advocacyAs the Women Build movement continues to grow, our hope is to empower more womeninspire change in housing, and raise funds to help more families. 

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"The first time I volunteered at a Women Build project, I had never felt so physically spent and emotionally renewed at the same time."

– Liz Berghaus, Banner Bank

Donate in Honor of A Woman Who Inspires You!

To protect your credit card information, Blackbaud encrypts personal and credit card information during all transactions. Make sure you write the name of the woman who inspires you in the comment box in the donation form below. 

Ready to Partner with Us?

For more information, call or email Leah Schueler, Corporate and Foundations Partnerships Manager at (626) 566-7348 or by email.