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Help More Families Before 2020 Ends

Your End Of Year Donations Provide Essential, Life-Changing Homeownership and Home Repair Opportunities for Families – and a Tax Break For You!

$300-$600 tax deduction

The CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act allows you to take a deduction of up to $300 (0r $600 per couple) in charitable gifts made in cash.

This is an additional “above-the-line” deduction that reduces your taxable income by deducting up to $300 per individual or $600 per couple from your adjusted gross income for the 2020 calendar year. This is available to everyone who takes the standardized deductions (taxpayers who do not itemize deductions).

Expanded deductibility on gifts for those who itemize

For the 2020 calendar year only, the CARES act has increased the charitable deduction maximum from 60% of your adjusted gross income to 100% for taxpayers who do itemize. What does this mean? Your cash donations to SGV Habitat can be deducted up to 100% of your adjusted gross income for your 2020 taxes. What does this also mean? Your deductions are greater – and so is your impact on families!

This is your last chance before 2020 ends to help families find the stability they long for through homeownership. Your support today affects lives for generations. The best part is, there are many ways you can help!

Donate Now Online

Cash donations are quick and easy way to show your commitment to helping families and ending the housing crisis. Interested in making a donation on behalf of a friend or loved one? You can! Use the comment box in the donation form to let us know. Ready to make a cash donation online? Click the button below!

Donor-Advised Fund Gifts

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a savings account for money that you plan to donate to charity. A DAF offers certain tax benefits for the donor, and donations made from a donor’s DAF to SGV Habitat benefit families as they build or repair their own home. If you have a DAF, please consider helping a family by recommending a donation to SGV Habitat. If you have questions about DAF, please contact Paul Van Ast at (626) 340-2280 or email.

Stock and Mutual Fund Gifts

Donating stocks or mutual funds may give you certain tax benefits when you make your gift, like receiving an income tax charitable deduction for the full market value of the donated stock at the time of the gift. Start the process now to get your tax letter on time! To donate stocks or bonds, please inform your broker that our investment account is with:

David Bland or Karen Moreno
(213) 620-1850

Workplace Match Gifts

Many employers will match tax-deductible charitable contributions made by their employees, retirees and employees’ spouses. Some provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours. The gift you give today could be DOUBLED OR EVEN TRIPLED. Click here to learn more about workplace contributions.

Cars for Homes

When you donate your vehicle, proceeds go right back to helping families in Northeast Los Angeles, Glendale, Pasadena, and the San Gabriel Valley build or repair their own home. Running or not, every vehicle donation makes an impact and helps families gain independence. It’s fast and easy through our donation website and better yet – you may qualify for a tax deduction.

No matter how you choose to give, every donation creates endless opportunities and impact that lasts for generations!