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Success Story - Marco and Sandra

Before 2010, the family lived in substandard housing conditions. Marco and Sandra did everything they could to provide for their boys and set them up for a bright future, but their housing situation made daily life difficult.

Marcos, their eldest son, had severe allergies and respiratory problems from the mold growing inside their rented house. Outside their house—the unsafe neighborhood added to the parents’ nervousness for their boys. Try as they might to move elsewhere, there was nothing the family could afford. They had exhausted all their options.

In 2008, after applying for the homeownership opportunity, their’ big break happened — they had qualified to help build and purchase their own home and become Habitat homeowners! 

“This house has changed everything for us,” said Sandra. “I can provide for my family and we finally feel secure.” 

Almost immediately, Marco and Sandra’s family saw big changes thanks to their new home—the overall health of their family improved, their sons’ grades improved, and Marco and Sandra found financial stability.

“Thanks to this house,” said Marcos, now a doctor of chiropractic medicine. “I can be successful.” The youngest son, Daniel, is a United States Marine and college student. “This house literally made me a better person,” said Daniel.


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