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Success Story - Jean and Magy

It wasn’t long ago that the Jean and Magy’s family desperately needed to improve their living conditions. Jean (father), Magy (mother), Georgette (Jean’s mother), Christopher (son) and Samantha (daughter) were all living in a one-bedroom apartment. It was very crowded, but it was all they could afford. All four members of their nuclear family shared their apartment’s one bedroom while Jean’s mother slept on the couch in the living room.

While they were looking into finding a new place to rent, Magy heard from a friend about Habitat’s new Geneva Build in Glendale, and they applied shortly thereafter. “One day there was a knock on our door, and when we opened it, there were cameras, flowers, and a group of individuals from Habitat. We couldn’t believe it! We cried! Everyone was crying,” said Magy. It wasn’t long before they began their required Sweat Equity work on their new home. The lives of Jean and Magy’s family have changed significantly through their Habitat home building experience. “What happened to us was something big. Habitat truly changed our lives,” said Jean. 


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