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Homeownership Applicant Portal

Application Required Document Library

For current homeownership program applicants who have been invited to apply to the program. Note: If you have a processing number but have not yet received an invitation with a link to the full application, you do not need to fill out these forms yet. You will receive an invitation to apply with more instructions on where to submit these documents.

Consumer Authorizations
Willingness To Partner Assessment
Zero Income Affidavit
Housing Conditions Assessment

Here’s how to use these links:

  1. Click the document you need – it’ll open up online.
  2. Once the page opens, click the downward facing arrow button in the upper right hand corner to download the form to your computer.
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Once you’ve completed the form, save it onto your computer and go back to the application portal to upload the document to its proper link.

Processing Order of Applications for Homeownership Program

Below is our processing order as determined by a randomization of all 596 pre-applications submitted online between April 1 – April 30, 2021.


Starting in May 2021, we will begin inviting eligible applicants, in small batches, to submit a full application. This randomized processing order is posted below by Application Identification Number. Your Application Identification Number can be found in your original eligibility email, as well as in an email sent May 3, 2021, along with your processing number. We will continue inviting people to apply and processing applications, until we find enough qualified applicants to fill our homeownership pipeline and meet our construction schedule. Please have patience with the process and continue to look for emails from us.


We will send out invitations to apply to the email address included in your pre-application. Once you receive an invitation to apply, you will have 14 days to submit your full application. It takes most applicants many hours to fill out the application and upload all their required documents (pay stubs, income tax returns, etc.) for all their household members. Please start the application as soon as you receive your invitation to apply so you can meet your deadline.


Please note, all pre-application submitted in our previous application round in 2020, will be processed before we starting processing our 2021 pre-applications. If you have not received an invitation to apply, please be patient. We give every application the same time and attention. Also, please do not be discouraged if your processing number is high, not every application submitted will qualify.

Occasionally, we may have opportunities, dependent on special funding or construction agreements, that require us to pull pre-applications that meet certain criteria out of their order for processing. If this happens to your application, you will receive an email.

Application Status: Applications 1 – 5 are currently under review. All other applications are will waiting for invitation to apply. 

Note: Order is in BLUE. Application number is in Black.

Have Questions?

We’re here to help! Contact  or call (818) 937-2010