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National Homeownership Month

June is National Homeownership month, promoting the value of owning a home and the organizations that help further the American Dream of homeownership. 

“SGV Habitat is proud to bring opportunities to a families that never would have been able to buy a home on their own. Future homes serve as the first step towards economic independence for the selected first-time homebuyers. We are proud to be part of a transformative journey that will make a difference for generations to come,” says Bryan Wong, SGV Habitat Executive Director.

One of the key benefits of owning a home is the ability to build long-term wealth.Recent data from the Federal Reserve indicates that the net worth of homeowners is over 40 times greater than that of a renter. Research has also shown a correlation between homeownership and increased wealth, with each year of homeownership tending to be associated with an additional $9,500 in net wealth, on average. Think about what you could do with that money!

Many homeowners choose to leverage their housing wealth to finance post-secondary education for their children, especially lower- and moderate-income households. A $10,000 increase in housing wealth raises the probability of college attendance by 14%. According to a recent report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, the independent impact of homeownership combined with its positive impact on the home environment results in the children of owners achieving math scores up to nine percent higher, reading scores up to seven percent higher, and reductions in children’s behavior problems of up to three percent. 

Owning a home fosters a sense of community and stability.

Homeowners are more likely to vote in local elections than renters in comparable neighborhoods.​​​​​​ This leads to safer neighborhoods, stronger schools and reduced crime. 

Beyond the statistics, think about the mental instability renters endure. Leases end, and rents increase pulling dollars away from necessities to cover the cost of increased rent. Renters in many leases are restricted from painting, drilling holes to hang decorations, or having a furry family member to add joy in their life. Renters run the risk that the property will be sold, adding to the stress of finding and funding a new place to live.  

The old adage “owning a home is the American Dream” should be edited in California to “owning an AFFORDABLE home is the American Dream.” Only 23% of Californians could afford to purchase the median cost of a home in California which is $817,950.  

SGV Habitat proudly serves the community by offering eligible low-income families the opportunity for affordable homeownership. By lowering the cost of homeownership, it makes it easier for future homeowners to access quality housing, affordable mortgages, and allows families to invest in the family’s health and wellness and gain net wealth. Information on the application process and eligibility can be found here: 

SGV Habitat is Green.

New SGV Habitat homes are built sustainably using green building techniques, solar panels, and materials that increase the efficiency and durability of the home. Many homes are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, and Energy Star certified.  

Alongside volunteers every SGV Habitat homebuyer contributes “sweat equity” by volunteering hours on a build site (either their home or another family’s home). By participating in building their home as well as their neighbor’s homes, it creates a sense of community and belonging. There is a lot that goes into owning a home besides choosing your color pallet, which is why pre-purchase support programs, such as financial education classes are offered to educate, and to help build networks among Habitat homeowners.  SGV Habitat is also there for the homeowner to help furnish and decorate when shopping their ReStore locations in Duarte and Atwater.  There, homeowners can find new paint, flooring, cabinets, as well as donated furniture, light fixtures, appliances and decor.  

SGV Habitat Offers Low Cost Home Repair

Giving a helping hand to families doesn’t stop at homeownership.  SGV Habitat’s home repair program offers any low-income homeowner an affordable solution to home repair. Depending on need, repairs are made at low cost to the homeowner.  This program is a lifeline to older homeowners, single mothers and veterans. 

You can make a difference

Volunteer Spotlight: Hyanne and Justin

Meet the mother and son volunteer duo, Hyanne and Justin 

The San Gabriel Valley Habitat Monrovia office is always happy to see families helping families. Hyanne (mother) and Justin (son) embody just that – they are our dedicated office volunteer duo who seeks to make a positive impact in their community by volunteering! 

Hyanne comes from a law background; she helped domestic violence victims and the homeless population as an attorney. She obtained her degrees from Standford University and the University of Southern California School of Law. Raised with strong values, she pursued opportunities to help others and taught her children, Justin (14) and Emily (18) to do the same.  

Hyanne has helped Habitat in more ways than one. From volunteering on multiple Habitat build sites to now volunteering at our local San Gabriel Valley Habitat office, her heart for the community drives her. 

“You come to this earth, whatever you do, it should be to make a positive impact. Volunteering is something you do out of selflessness. If I can give my energy, time, and effort to help just one person or an organization, it’s worth it to me.” Hyanne says. 

Justin, Hyanne’s son, volunteered at our office during his spring break and regularly volunteers at SGV ReStores. As a 9th grader in high school, he is a part of multiple extracurricular activities such as the Model United Nations Club, Helping Hands Club, and is a competitive swimmer on Rose Bowl Aquatics Swim team. He aspires to receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award by completing 100+ hours at nonprofit organizations (like ours)!  

“Volunteering is economically important. It creates jobs, helps organizations like San Gabriel Valley Habitat, builds a sense of community, and helps individuals and families connect with one another while doing something for the greater good,” Justin said. 

Currently, Hyanne and Justin are helping SGV ReStores organizing in-kind donation receipts and analyzing data for the ReStore department. The Duarte and Atwater ReStores are a critical part of raising funds to help families in the community access affordable housing. All proceeds from SGV ReStores go back to help build and repair more homes. 

A big thank you from the San Gabriel Valley Habitat family to Hyanne and Justin for their dedication, hard work, and commitment to help families in the San Gabriel Valley. Thank you for being a part of our mission! 

*It’s National Volunteer Month! Here at San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity, we truly value those who volunteer their time with us. We recognize these volunteers for their commitment to building strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. The dedication of these volunteers is highlighted through their significant time commitment and passion for the cause. The work of volunteers is critical to achieving our vision of a San Gabriel Valley and a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Learn more about volunteering here 

Volunteer Spotlight: David

Meet our Office Staff Volunteer, David 

David began volunteering at the front desk – but before we knew it, he was reassigned to do high-level tasks because of his abundant work experience!  

He comes from an extensive education background, having retired as an Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Service at Burbank Unified School District, holding positions as the Chief Business Officer for Temple City Unified School District and the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services for Pasadena Unified School District. 

As a resident of Monrovia for over two decades, he has deep connections with the San Gabriel Valley. David’s definition of home is: “Home is where your family is and where you can rest, recharge, and feel the freedom to be yourself while being protected by exterior elements,” David said. 

Since being introduced to San Gabriel Valley Habitat by his daughter, Julianna, he has been a dedicated volunteer at the Monrovia office.  

David rewrote the Bylaws of the Organization and the Articles of Incorporation, revised the Disaster plan, updated loan documents, built alongside the Foothill Credit Union for a build day event (where he is a board member), and much more. He loves being able to work with our team to give low-income families a hand-up by providing affordable mortgages. 

 “The fun part is that the work varies every week. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?” David said. 

When David was asked why he thinks volunteerism is important, he responded, “No nonprofit organization can make it today without the support of others. SGV Habitat relies on others to help build homes, including the new homeowners who must put in volunteer hours for Habitat’s support. I believe that once one can afford to retire, it is time to give back whatever one can, and I do it through volunteering my time in the office for Habitat. 

Thanks to volunteers like David, San Gabriel Valley Habitat will continue to fight the housing affordability crisis in the region and serve more families in need of a safe, decent, and affordable home. 

A big thank you to David for his expertise, knowledge, and commitment to volunteering his time at San Gabriel Valley Habitat. Thank you, David. You are a truly valued member of the organization! 

*It’s National Volunteer Month! Here at San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity, we truly value those who volunteer their time with us. We recognize these volunteers for their commitment to building strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. The dedication of these volunteers is highlighted through their significant time commitment and passion for the cause. The work of volunteers is critical to achieving our vision of a San Gabriel Valley and a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Learn more about volunteering here 

THANK YOU to our Faith-Based Partners!

Your support is blessing the San Gabriel Valley in so many ways! We are honored to partner with you!

“I know that God wants us to help each other through tough times. You should help your neighbors. We see that there’s a need—a real need for this kind of housing.” – Ruben J. Corral, Saint Vincent of Paul & Saint Elizabeth of Hungary | Knights of Columbus

We are so grateful for partners like Ruben who make decent and affordable housing possible for families all over the San Gabriel Valley. Ruben, in conjunction with some of his fellow congregants, have partnered with us in numerous ways, including volunteering in Construction Build-days! We would love to partner with your Faith-based and community organization to continue making a positive difference in our community.

Some of the ways to partner with us include financial support, new construction and acquisition rehabilitation build days, repair and restore volunteering, and more!

To invite your Faith-based and community group to partner with SGV Habitat, contact Sophia Cruz, Donor Care Coordinator at!

We are LUCKY for People Like You

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by thanking our loyal donors, partners, volunteers, supporters, and shoppers 

On St. Patrick’s Day, we want you to know how lucky we are for people like you (our Habitat heroes). When we work together, we offer hard-working families the opportunity to create a healthier and more vibrant future. 

Whether you donate, partner, volunteer, advocate, or shop at our ReStores, you can make a tangible impact that will last for generations. 

Here are a few reasons why your generosity matters so much to our mission to end the affordable housing crisis in the San Gabriel Valley: 

  1. In fiscal year 2021, you donated over $3.6 million to build and repair more homes. Read more on our 2021 Gratitude Report. 
  1. You helped us launch our three-year, $28 million campaign to help 100 families here, and abroad, build or repair their very own place to call home. Learn more. 
  1. 6.450 total individual, youth, and corporate volunteer hours were put in at our ReStores and construction sites 
  1. 200+ tons of goods were diverted from landfills through ReStore donations 
  1. 40,886 customers shopped at our ReStore and all the proceeds went back to helping our mission 
  1. And much more! 


The housing crisis is ongoing. 2021 is proof, with your support, positive impact can be made in the fight to solve it. Every donation, every volunteer hour, every purchase at the ReStore, every advocacy effort – contributes to helping families live and remain in a safe, decent, and affordable home.  

Recognizing Inspiring Women

As stated in The White House proclamation, “Women’s History Month provides an opportunity to honor the generations of trailblazing women and girls who have built our Nation, shaped our progress, and strengthened our character as a people.” San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity (SGV Habitat) will celebrate this month by encouraging supporters to nominate an inspiring woman as part of their upcoming Women Build event.

Since 1991, Women Build has brought women and their allies together to raise funds, recruit their friends and build homes side-by-side with those in need of affordable housing. To date, the Women Build event has helped house families in Glendale, Pasadena, Monterey Park, Baldwin Park, Monrovia, and throughout the San Gabriel Valley through volunteering, donations, and advocacy.

Our goal with Women Build is to empower women to help families build strength, stability and independence. We at Habitat have the ability to provide opportunities for hands-on learning, and given these tools, women can succeed in changing their communities.


To honor Women’s History Month, SGV Habitat is encouraging supporters to share a story about an inspiring woman in your life through our website ( before May 6. Or, fill out the form below!



Who's Your Unsung #SHEro?

Who has pushed you to achieve the impossible? Who has supported you through challenging times? Share her story with us below to be featured on our social media and blog. Fill out the form below by Friday, May 6, 2022, to be considered.

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

For more information SGV Habitat Women Build 2022, visit


National Old Stuff Day

In honor of National Old Stuff day, let’s talk about our ReStores. Our ReStores are filled with both new and gently used items. Where some may see “old stuff” in our ReStores, others see treasures, possibilities, and potential.

San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity has two ReStores to service 400 square miles, with locations in the city of Duarte and Atwater Village. Our ReStores average 30 residential pickups a week, with two teams of experienced drivers working Tuesday through Saturday throughout the San Gabriel Valley. Although our Atwater Village ReStore is the only site that accepts drop-off donations from the public (hours: 9am to 12pm), both ReStores process donation deliveries twice a day.

There are many reasons why people donate their items. Whether you’re leaving the country, moving to a smaller place, helping to empty an estate, or changing up your aesthetic and ready for new furniture our donation coordinators have heard and seen it all. We accept furniture that is free of any damage, appliances that are fully functioning and under 10 years old, tools in working condition and unused building supplies. Many of our ReStore shoppers know that they will likely find items that are gently used and in need of a new home, at a great low price.

As a non-profit organization that offers a “free” pickup service, sometimes donors want us to pick up their items that are beyond repair. Unfortunately, our resources only allow us to pick up items that are without damage. We do not accept any items with discoloration, rips, tears, damage or pet hair. The items we do pick up go straight to our ReStores for resale, so they need to be purchase ready.

We couldn’t achieve our mission without the generosity of our donors and ReStore shoppers. All proceeds from our ReStores go towards our mission of repairing and building homes throughout San Gabriel Valley -building strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.

If you’re interested in scheduling a donation pickup for your “old stuff,” call our Donation Coordinators at 626-387-6900, email photos to or visit us at


Atwater Village ReStore

5201 W. San Fernando Rd.

Los Angeles, CA 90039

Drop off hours: 9am to 12pm

Store hours: 9am to 5:30pm


Duarte ReStore

2215 Huntington Dr.

Duarte, CA 91010

Store hours: 9:30am to 6pm

Habitat for Humanity’s Most Famous Volunteer

Happy President’s Day to former U.S. President Jimmy Carter 

In celebration of President’s Day, we’d like to acknowledge the 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter. James (Jimmy) Earl Carter, Jr., has always had a voice for affordable, decent housing for all.  

In March of 1984, President Carter resonated with Habitat’s mission of helping families achieve their dream of homeownership when he jogged by the New York City Habitat build and thought to himself, “Rosalynn and I should come up and give them a hand.” 


His Deep Commitment and Value Alignment 

President Carter and Mrs. Carter realized Habitat’s mission aligned with their values – they understood the need for families to have a stable, affordable foundation to grow. With this, President and Mrs. Carter formed a partnership with Habitat for Humanity and have been building to improve homes through the Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter Work Project. 

Although Carter is most known in the world for his notable accomplishments as the President of the United States, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, the Governor of Georgia, and more, in Habitat’s world, President Carter is known as our most famous volunteer.  

Over the course of 30 years, President Carter has inspired millions of people in 14 countries while working alongside more than 104,000 Habitat volunteers to build, renovate and repair 4,390 homes.  

“We have the ambition to share some of our good fortune with others,” Carter says. 

 “That’s one of the most difficult things in life: to cross that chasm between well-off people and families that don’t have a decent home. That’s one of the things Habitat has given to us: an ability to share, side by side, building a home with families that have never had a decent place to live.” 

A fact of Carter’s commitment

Carter suffered a fall in his Georgia home that led to 14 stitches and a visibly black eye. Despite his injuries, he traveled to Nashville to help rally volunteers during the 36th Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project with Habitat for Humanity. 

We are honored and grateful for President Carter and Mrs. Carter’s continued partnership and support. You can add to their mission of life-changing work by volunteering, donating, or shopping at San Gabriel Valley Habitat ReStores. 

The Impact of a Community Like Builders’ Club

Learn why our Builders’ Club members give monthly to make a difference all year round 

When like-minded givers come together to support affordable housing with their monthly donation, a community is born. The Builders’ Club community is a passionate and determined group of monthly givers on a mission to end the housing crisis in the San Gabriel Valley region. 

Thank you to our Builders’ Club members who have committed to make a difference all year round. You’ve put your name alongside other members who believe affordable housing should be available for everyone.  

You know with every monthly donation you are: 

  • Helping us build and repair more homes 
  • Altering the trajectory of families’ lives 
  • Improving the health and wellness of families 
  • Doubling the chances of family members attending college 
  • And more! 

Meet some current Builders’ Club members and learn why they give monthly. 

Donor Feature: Nick 

“As a SoCal resident, I can’t imagine living through COVID in an overcrowded, overpriced, and unsafe apartment. Donating $10 every month seems like a small sacrifice if it allows a family to experience the safety and security of becoming homeowners. I am proud to be a member of Builders’ Club!” – Nick

Donor Feature: Kathyjo 

“I am honored to be a member of the Builders’ Club. To work alongside and also be a member teaches my family the importance of giving back. As a family, we annually pick a cause to donate to knowing how fortunate we are to see the results locally in our community. During the current state of affairs we are currently experiencing, we feel helping others and giving back is the right thing to do.” – Kathyjo 

Donor Feature: Anthony 

“I am honored to partner with San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity. The work that this organization does in our community is instrumental. The Builders’ Club is a tangible way for me to show my ongoing support. I am grateful for all those working with this organization, for their dedication to the enduring mission of making affordable housing a reality for all of our brothers and sisters in the San Gabriel Valley.” – Anthony 

Donor Feature: Tammy 

“My monthly donation as a Builders’ Club member is the equivalent of skipping one monthly dinner delivery and it helps families to become homeowners. I’m happy to be a Builders’ Club member!” -Tammy 

Donor Feature: Lucy 

“Donating to families that have the opportunity to receive homes locally is such a blessing to me. I was taught as a small child to give to others and lend a helping hand is a gift from God. It was an easy choice for me to make a monthly commitment to become a Builders’ Club member. I hope by sharing this example, it will encourage other young members to do so as well.” – Lucy

Donor Feature: Scarlet and Bella 

“As a family we collectively pick a nonprofit to donate to. I personally see people that do not have homes and families that do without. When I found out SGV Habitat provides homes for families locally, I knew that supporting our community was the right thing to do.” – Scarlet 

“I donate to SGV Habitat because I like to help children and families. I was so excited to learn that Habitat provides homes for local families, it made my choice to give very easily.” – Bella 


This month, we are looking to add more loyal supporters to the club during our 2022 Winter Membership Drive.  

By joining the Builders’ Club during the month of February (depending on your monthly contribution), you can also receive exclusive SGV Habitat branded items, such as a reusable shopping bag, coffee cup or t-shirt! Become a Builders’ Club member with your monthly gift today.  

Your Impact in the First Year of the Expanding the American Dream Campaign

In 2021, you (our partners, donors, supporters, and volunteers) provided homeownership opportunities and critical home repairs to 27 families in the San Gabriel Valley and abroad. This directly impacts the Expanding the American Dream campaign’s goal of transforming the lives of 100 families by 2023. 

The breakdown: 

  • 6 homeownership opportunities provided to local families 
  • 11 critical home repairs for low-income homeowners 
  • 10 homes built internationally   

This could not have been achieved without you. To fund this $28 million campaign, we rely on you (providers and preservers of the American Dream), ReStore purchases and donations, state grants, and mortgage proceeds. This campaign is 100% donor dependent. It is only possible through your generous support year after year. Thank You! 

The Expanding the American Dream campaign is going into its second year in 2022. This campaign is calling attention to the need for affordable housing and raising funds to help families achieve their dreams of homeownership. Running through 2023, it highlights the importance of community and the significant role a safe home plays in helping families thrive. 

“Our goal is to dramatically increase the number of affordable homeownership opportunities in the San Gabriel Valley” says Bryan Wong, Executive Director at SGV Habitat for Humanity. “The need for affordable housing in the area is overwhelming. We aim to make the world a place where all can afford to live—both first-time homebuyers and long-time residents.” 

How You Can Help:

  • Donate to the campaign 
  • Shop at SGV ReStores 
  • Advocate for affordable housing for everyone 
  • Educate yourself on the benefits of affordable housing 
  • Share your support by using the #ExpandingtheAmericanDream hashtag on social media