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A house is more than just shelter.  It is the foundation for family unity, a place for celebrations, a location to find solace, and a site that holds our most precious memories.

On March 9th-11th 2023 San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity will host WOMEN BUILD; an annual event that promotes Habitat for Humanity’s vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

WOMEN BUILD brings a community of volunteers and corporate sponsors together to help build better futures for low-income families in San Gabriel Valley.  This three-day event will take place in Altadena – celebrating SGV Habitat’s first new build in this community.

Registration is now open for individual women volunteers on March 9th.  Individual volunteers—don’t be shy, you will make new friends as you work side by side with other inspired women in this friendly and collaborative environment. No construction experience? No problem. Our talented construction crew will guide you each step of the way.

As a participant of WOMEN BUILD you are raising a hammer and your voice in support of more affordable homeownership opportunities in San Gabriel Valley. 

When you partner with SGV Habitat, your contribution is hands-on by raising the walls of a new home, but also in our leadership team raising the roof at the state legislature advocating for more substantial funding for affordable homeownership.

It is a startling fact that 60% of renters in LA County cannot afford their rent and even more alarming is that the average home price is over $750,000.  One would need to earn approximately $221,000 a year in order to be able to purchase that house.  Currently, the average income in the San Gabriel Valley is $86,000.

With your participation in WOMEN BUILD you are calling attention, raising funds, and inspiring change to help more people thrive.  Affordable homeownership means, safer communities, long term financial stability, lower incidences of emotional and physical health issues, more community engagement, and less behavioral problems in children as well as higher grades and higher graduation rates.

A house is more than four walls, a house is the foundation that builds a life and a future.

Registration is open now. Space is limited.  For more information, please contact Shannon Castro, or (626)709-3276.  To register for WOMEN BUILD click HERE.


“There’s something very powerful about participating in Women Build. I don’t know if it’s being surrounded by other strong women or if it’s knowing that we’re doing our part to help build a new home– or maybe it’s both. Taking a day to help build a home for a deserving family sets a powerful tone for the rest of the year, like we as women can do anything.” 

–Cynthia Duarte, 2022 Women Build participant


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