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What Will Be Your Legacy

August is “What Will Be Your Legacy” month.  Legacy is most thought of as money or personal property that is left to someone else.

Donors, Grace & Margaret. Grace, pictured on the left recently passed away. May her memory be a blessing

Recently, SGV Habitat hosted a donor event with several members of our Legacy Society. Many of these donors have made a promissory note to include SGV Habitat in their will.  Legacy donations can range from allocating savings, stocks, and personal items such as artwork, automobiles, or homes to SGV Habitat.  The contributions these donors make have a powerful and soaring impact on the development of affordable homes in our community.

“SGV Habitat for Humanity’s Legacy Society provides us with an opportunity to share our resources for the greater good. To continue helping families at the end of our lives by means of our will is our last gesture of solidarity with those in need of decent housing,” Grace and Margaret, SGV Habitat Legacy Society Members shared.

One of our most recognized Legacy Society donors, was Charles Rouchka, (Uncle Charlie).  His legacy will be remembered through the lives of 3 veterans whose homes in the SGV Habitat Desiderio community were funded by the sale of Rouchka’s home. Uncle Charlie served in the Navy in WWII, and his desire was to help improve the lives of other veterans.  Uncle Charlie’s legacy extends to future generations who will gain substantial stability due to the selflessness of a person they did not know.

Statue of Charlie Rouchka, created by actor and artist Daniel Stern

A statue in memory of Charles Rouchka and the bike he was known for riding around town, was erected in the common community garden at Desiderio.

SGV Habitat is grateful to our Legacy Society Members and all of our donors.  Their desire to contribute to our mission of creating a community where everyone has a decent place to live, was reinforced recently at the build site of 2 homes located at the corner of Howard and Navarro in Pasadena.  Here, members heard the stories of two future homeowners who will be moving into their new homes by the end of 2022.

Donors, future homeowners, and Habitat staff celebrate the progress at Howard Navarro

Every day we have the opportunity to leave a legacy through our actions. We don’t need a portfolio to have a lasting impact.  When we serve as outstanding role models for our children, we leave a legacy. When we volunteer to uplift someone else’s life, we leave a legacy. When we serve in a profession that changes lives, we leave a legacy.  We all have the ability to make an impact and improve this world for the better.

What will your legacy be?

For more information on joining the Legacy Society, please contact our Donor Care Manger, Paul at or 626.340.2280 Ext.116

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