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Volunteer Spotlight: David

Meet our Office Staff Volunteer, David 

David began volunteering at the front desk – but before we knew it, he was reassigned to do high-level tasks because of his abundant work experience!  

He comes from an extensive education background, having retired as an Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Service at Burbank Unified School District, holding positions as the Chief Business Officer for Temple City Unified School District and the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services for Pasadena Unified School District. 

As a resident of Monrovia for over two decades, he has deep connections with the San Gabriel Valley. David’s definition of home is: “Home is where your family is and where you can rest, recharge, and feel the freedom to be yourself while being protected by exterior elements,” David said. 

Since being introduced to San Gabriel Valley Habitat by his daughter, Julianna, he has been a dedicated volunteer at the Monrovia office.  

David rewrote the Bylaws of the Organization and the Articles of Incorporation, revised the Disaster plan, updated loan documents, built alongside the Foothill Credit Union for a build day event (where he is a board member), and much more. He loves being able to work with our team to give low-income families a hand-up by providing affordable mortgages. 

 “The fun part is that the work varies every week. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?” David said. 

When David was asked why he thinks volunteerism is important, he responded, “No nonprofit organization can make it today without the support of others. SGV Habitat relies on others to help build homes, including the new homeowners who must put in volunteer hours for Habitat’s support. I believe that once one can afford to retire, it is time to give back whatever one can, and I do it through volunteering my time in the office for Habitat. 

Thanks to volunteers like David, San Gabriel Valley Habitat will continue to fight the housing affordability crisis in the region and serve more families in need of a safe, decent, and affordable home. 

A big thank you to David for his expertise, knowledge, and commitment to volunteering his time at San Gabriel Valley Habitat. Thank you, David. You are a truly valued member of the organization! 

*It’s National Volunteer Month! Here at San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity, we truly value those who volunteer their time with us. We recognize these volunteers for their commitment to building strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. The dedication of these volunteers is highlighted through their significant time commitment and passion for the cause. The work of volunteers is critical to achieving our vision of a San Gabriel Valley and a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Learn more about volunteering here 

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